Empathy, authenticity and dependability are all part of the experience working with Valiant Mind. These guiding principles are deeply-rooted within the pillars we support. Valiant Mind welcomes short or long-term assignments and will work either remotely or on-site. With our solid big company experience we have the ability to support businesses of all sizes, from startups to large institutions. We specialize in technology, financial services and retail but have the transferable skills needed to suit any industry.

EVOLUTION: Advancing your business and growth strategies...

  • Brainstorming Sessions
  • Concept/Idea Generation
  • Roadmaps/Rollout Plans
  • Process Improvement
  • Training Programs

ENGAGEMENT: Using customer insights to foster success...

  • Client Outreach
  • Advisory  Boards
  • Focus Groups
  • Sales Support
  • Trade Shows & Events

EXECUTION: Doing the heavy lifting needed to get a job done...

  • Project Management
  • Process & SLA Mapping
  • Marketing Plans & Calendars
  • Presentations/Business Plans
  • Procedure Documentation