Change Management & the Importance of Staff Buy-in

As a business leader, you’ve embraced change within your organization. But a big question remains: Has your staff done the same?

Staff buy-in is a key component to change implementation. It is important for staff members to not only understand how the business will benefit from the changes, but they also need to understand how the changes will affect them personally

Change is scary. Given this, empathy is imperative. 

Highlighting the changes and discussing concerns as well as pain points with the staff creates a partnership and allows for staff input. Staff members are able to talk about what scares them. This input is also very useful to the business leader—it helps to determine whether something needs to be actioned or if it is just a general concern about doing things differently. 

As the consultant who helps roll-out the changes, I work with all stakeholders to analyze the resistance and make updates accordingly. 

In addition to creating an open, productive dialogue with staff members, I promote buy-in by helping to design a reasonable timeline. When changes are implemented too quickly, it is challenging to be thoughtful about the effects on the staff members’ day-to-day workflow. Conversely, if the changes take too long, momentum is lost, and people tune out.

I work with the business leader and organization to find their sweet spot—where the change has momentum but doesn’t turn everything on its head. 

With an empathic, well thought-out, and flexible approach, the business leader will be viewed as a partner (as opposed to an iron fist). A true connection with, and understanding of, the affected staff members will help the program move forward. 

Nothing occurs overnight, and the roll-out timeline is influenced by a variety of factors including company size, market environment, etc. Regardless of the size and scope of the changes, business leaders have an increased chance of sustained change if there is a foundation of trust and camaraderie. 

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Valerie Toscano

Valiant Mind