Simplicity is the Key to Business Productivity

Businesses can always benefit from simple ideas that result in increased productivity. This is particularly true in a startup environment where a vast amount of work needs to be accomplished in a very short time frame.

Usually, as a result of this scramble, there are a lot of people working in an unstructured way at an extremely fast pace. Yet without process, efficiency is lacking and their efforts can be futile—this is where I come in!

Most of my first-time clients are businesses who realize that there is a lack of coordination across a specific team. For example, I worked closely with a tech startup that was rapidly expanding its marketing efforts. Their way of executing had each team member working on a separate initiative, with no oversight and no correlated timeline. 

From this baseline, I was able to take all of the individual pieces and roll it into a comprehensive roadmap—a higher level framework—for the team to execute in a cohesive way. 

In my practice, I add value to businesses by addressing process issues (and more!) with practical, useful, and implementable strategies such as:  

  • Checkpoint Meetings

Unlike large corporations which can be meeting-heavy, startups are generally not. It’s important to find a good balance—we add structure, but not so much it becomes oppressive. 

With startups, I leverage 15 minutes “stand up style” weekly conversations to highlight where there might be roadblocks, dependencies, and room for improvement. At the end of the week, we’ll hold a more comprehensive 30-minute meeting to determine if the week’s goals have been met. By giving up a lean 45 minutes a week for checkpoint meetings we can easily establish goals and gauge progress toward achieving them.

  • Meeting Notes

When working closely with a company, I seek out ways to increase productivity. Unique to each company, I teach tips and tricks that are easily applicable and infused in day-to-day work life. I’m often asked what tools I use to stay organized. I leverage a mix of technology and good old pen and paper to track what’s happening in meetings. There have been numerous times throughout my career where my notes have saved the day by capturing pertinent details or commitments that are integral to progress. In an age where everything is texted or slacked, I still find value in being a little old school.

My perspective as a company outsider with a fresh view allows me to craft custom strategies for each of my clients. 

Do you want to increase efficiency and productivity? If so, contact me today! 

Valerie Toscano

Valiant Mind